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First year of Apple Entrepreneur Camp offers invaluable experiences to 100 innovators


Today marks the completion of Apple Entrepreneur Camp’s first year with its fourth cohort of 2019. Apple Entrepreneur Camp is specifically designed for organizations founded and led by women, and dedicated to helping entrepreneurs as they work on the next generation of cutting-edge apps. The camp offers a hands-on technology lab, one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple experts and engineers as well as mentorship, inspiration and insights from top Apple leaders. After the lab concludes, participants get ongoing support and become part of a growing community of exceptional alumni who can help create and build businesses.

Women leaders and their teams from 42 companies have taken part in the cohorts that take place once a quarter. Apple engineers and experts work directly with participants on topics including app development, design, the latest advances in machine learning and augmented reality and, if desired by the attendees, tips for public relations and marketing. Companies are also invited to attend WWDC so they can develop their apps on Apple’s most advanced platforms and continue to build community with industry leaders.

“I’m in awe of the passion and drive of our first year of Entrepreneur Camp innovators. They are using apps to impact peoples’ lives and solve problems, from building connections for underrepresented groups in tech to making solar power affordable and giving people tools to improve mental health,” said Esther Hare, Apple’s senior director of Worldwide Developer Marketing and executive sponsor of Women@Apple. “It’s great to hear incredible women leaders telling us their experience at Camp has helped them make their apps even better, and given them the confidence and the tools to build new connections, form support networks and raise rounds of venture capital. And we’re just getting started.”