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Newbies time!

There are 200 startups in the Founders Program, STATION F’s core program for early-stage startups, and every 6 months we welcome between 30 and 50 promising new startups that bravely make it past our rigorous selection process, with only a 6% success rate.

What type of projects and teams do we select? That’s a question we get A LOT! So here’s a shortlist of 9 startups among the 40 who arrived last July.

Pssst! There’s still time to apply for next entry in January, deadline is September 30th!

Wishupon, the Pinterest for shoppers

Guild First Class — Korea — #AI #eCommerce #B2C

So exciting! It’s our first Korean startup ever in the program, hopefully the first of a long series!

What they do: Danbee and Jihyung are making a Universal Shopping Wishlist — a Pinterest for shoppers that impressed us with a unique retail-focused web-scraping technology.

We browse online stores just for fun via smartphone; we usually take screenshots and copy the URLs to remember. But, it is difficult to keep track later. You can now create, save, and share a wishlist in one place, and get push notifications when the price drops.

Fun Fact about them: they just moved from Seoul to Paris 2 months ago.

Latest news: they are looking for funding & partners for marketing collaboration.

Their favorite F-word: Finish (Danbee) / Focus (Jihyung)