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Women’s Day: Discover 8 female-founded startups at STATION F

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At STATION F, we are huge advocates for diversity. As a reader, what you probably want to ask is, what does this translate to beyond words? And, that of course is a very relevant question to ask. At STATION F, female founders are no longer the exception — but the rule. In the Founders Program, our in-house program which hosts 200 startups, more than 40% of companies have a female founder.

Two (public) exits in our first year of existence were female founded or co-founded — notably by Jasmine Anteunis of — a B2B bot platform that was acquired by SAP only 6 months after joining the Microsoft AI Factory — and Claire Bretton of — AI for e-commerce analytics. We highly encourage women to purse their entrepreneurial projects and we hope to see more female founders on our campus, in one of our many startup programs!

For Women’s Day, we are celebrating the women working on our campus. Let’s start by discovering some of the brilliant women-led startups at STATION F!


From abroad : Wishupon

Wishupon is the first Korean startup at STATION F. Danbee and Jihyung, the two co-founders, are making a Universal Shopping Wishlist, like a Pinterest for shoppers that impressed us with a unique retail-focused web-scraping technology. Their innovation is available on App Store and Google Play. Currently, they have users mainly from South Korea, France, and the United States, and 70% are female.

With their solution, you can browse 1,000+ stores, save products all in one place, collect from any source (such as Safari, Chrome, Instagram, and other shopping apps), get notifications when the price drops, and simply share your wishlists with everybody.